Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ZeroBank top 25 albums for 2009

ZeroBank top 25 albums for 2009, as were broadcasted on the Black Sheep show of 21/12/09 by Kalli Lali and Kirios X.

25. Bat For Lashes - Two Suns
24. Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
23. Muse - The Resistance
22. Dj Hell - Teufelswerk
21. The Polyamorous Affair - Bolshevik Disco
20. Julian Plenti - ..Is Scyscraper
19. Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon
18. Vitalic - Flashmob
17. Little Boots - Hands
16. Annie - Don't Stop
15. Felix Da Housecat - He Was King
14. Gus Gus - 24-7
13. Editors - In This Light And On This Evening
12. Lindstromm & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool
11. White Lies - To Lose My Life
10. Thomas Meinecke & Move D - Work
9. Petit Mal - Petit Mal
8. Cold Cave- Love Comes Close
7. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz
6. Tiga - Ciao !
5. Legowelt - Vatos Locos
4. Desire - Desire
3. Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (Ltd edition incl. Blood bonus disc)
2. Royksopp - Junior
1. Fever Ray - Fever Ray

Monday, December 14, 2009

ZeroLand - Season 2 / Episode 11 & 12

Download the latest episodes

02/12/09 http://rapidshare.com/files/320647760/ZEROLAND.02.12.09.rar

09/12/09 http://rapidshare.com/files/320653746/ZEROLAND.09.12.09.rar


  • The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms (Path3)
  • Resistance D - Day of rebirth
  • Orbital - The Box
  • Caspar Pound & Mixmaster Morris - No deeper love
  • Mindscape - Genetic
  • Paragliders - Paraglide (Humate Rmx)
  • Salt Tank - Eugina
  • Brainchild - Synfonica
  • Odyssee of Noises - Firedance
  • Pascal device - I had a dream
  • Mikerobenics - Julika (pascal feos rmx)
  • Cores - Hypnotize
  • Gain Force - Xemption
  • Union Jack - Cactus
  • Zero Cult - Part Of Rapture
  • Shakri - Lysergic Atmosphere
  • Sphere - In The Heat
  • StrangeZero - UltraSphere
  • The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms (Path4)
  • Solar Quest - Requiem for a Lily
  • Sub6 Feat.Michele Adamson - Ra He Ya (Shulman Rmx)
  • The Stones
  • Asura - Lost Eden
  • Yarek - Moonlok
  • Flunk - Syrupsniph
  • Moby - Go (Delirium mix)
  • Lazonby - Sacred Cycles
  • Four Voice - Eternal Spirit
  • Breeder - sputnik (new york mix)
  • Way Out West - Intensify, Pt. 1
  • Ernesto vs. Bastian - Dark side of the moon
  • New Order - Blue monday (hardfloor remix)
  • KLF - what time is love
  • Praga Khan - Rave alarm
  • Bizzarre Inc. Such a feeling
  • Second phase - mentasm
  • The Prodigy & The Art Of Noise - Instruments Of Darkness
  • Mno - god of abraham
  • Lords Of Acid - Take control
  • 3rd Electric - Hydrogalactica
  • LX Emoire - Unequal chord
  • Escape From Brooklyn - Ecstacy recall
  • Formicula 4 - Formic Acid
  • L.A. Style - James Brown is dead (for all times sake :P)

Last episode for 2009 will be broadcasted Wednesday night, 16/12/2009 from 00:00 till 02:00


QUA is Melbourne based producer Cornel Wilczek. Cornel is an in demand soundtrack composer and producer. As a producer and musician he has worked with Architecture in Helsinki, Mountains in the Sky and Clue to Kalo. Armed with a Masters in Sound Art and dance chops, Qua can get you thinking whilst making you dance.
You should also visit his website and check the amazing artwork he uses.

Chase The Tear

Portishead have joined forces with Amnesty International to release their brand new track ‘Chase The Tear’ - on the eve of International Human Rights Day.

"International Human Rights day marks the anniversary of the United Nation’s historic ‘Universal Declaration Of Human Rights’ on 10 December 1948. The UDHR set out for the first time in a single document the fundamental rights to which everyone, everywhere is entitled - including the right to life, liberty, security, the freedoms of opinion, association and expression, and the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment."

I don't know if we should believe on that...anyway Portishead's new track is quite interesting.

New Young Pony Club [FREE DOWNLOAD]

New Young Pony Club are back again with a new album 'The Optimist' (release on February 2010).
The first single is 'Lost A Girl' which you can download it for free HERE only for today.

Hot Chip

Hot Chip will release their new album 'One Life Stand' on February 2010. While they prepare their international tour for 2010, they uploaded a new video for 'One Life Stand'. They always experiment with new ideas...That's nice.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Trick Or Treat

Peaches is here again with a new official video for 'Trick Or Treat' this time.
They are like all drunk in the bus while touring around the world.


Friday, December 4, 2009

WaveRadio.gr Party!!!

1 week to go!!!

Waveradio.gr Party @ Six D.O.G.S
2 stages + 14 DJs + live act: Rockets in a Coma

Waveradio party by WaveRadiogr

Δύο ξεχωριστοί χώροι του 6 D.O.G.S. με Dance και Alternative μουσική μεταφέρουν το on line πρόγραμμα του WaveRadio.gr στο dance floor... Οι παραγωγοί του WaveRadio.gr, γνωστοί DJs από μεγάλα bars και clubs της Αθήνας και της Θεσσαλονίκης, σε ένα ακατάπαυστο line up!!

Dance stage: Replicas, D.J. Girl, BlueWorks, Tareq, Vinyl Bitches, Strange Zero

Alternative stage: Bynar, Ελευθερία Ιωαννίδου a.k.a. Astrogirl, Jeremy, Κώστας Μπρέλλας a.k.a. Postwave.gr, p-brane, Zerobank

Live performance: Rockets in a Coma

welcome to the Party!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ZeroLand - Season 2 / Episode 10 (Body Journey)

Download the latest episode called "Body Journey" broadcasted on 25/11/2009

Download ZEROLAND - Season 2/Episode 10

  • Jaia - December
  • Pete Namlook & Gaudi - The Sun Won't Set
  • Future Sound Of London - Sendero Luminoso
  • Side Liner - Moonlight Will
  • Atom Heart - I see more
  • StrangeZero - Closing Times
  • Resistance D - Cosmic RMX
  • Virtual Symmetry - The V.S.
  • Soda inc - Moonlight
  • Cybordelics - Adventures of dama
  • Speedy J - Pepper
  • Rabbit in the moon & Humate - East (Humate Rmix)
  • HardFloor - AM trip
  • Billy Dalessandro - Magenta milkshake
  • Gui Boratto - Atol (Hardfloor Rmx)
  • Emmanuel Top - Mars ( Kai Tracid Rmx )
  • Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
  • Future Sound Of London - Woodland
  • Velocity - Future (Arpeggiators Rmx)
  • The Ambush - Aton (Be Zet Rmx)
  • Rainy Day
  • CygnusX - Superstring (Rank 1 Rmx)
  • Audible - Forever
  • Slok - Lonely Child (downtempo mix)
Visit every week for new episodes

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (1/12/2009)

  • She Wants Revenge - Red Flags And Long Nights
  • Editors - You Don't Know Love
  • The Organ - Memorize The City
  • White Rose Movement - Speed
  • Dragons - Condition
  • The Exploding Boy - Intervention
  • Hearts Of Black Science - Giving In To Anger
  • Cheshire Cat - You Have Wasted My Time As Young
  • Little Nemo - Running To The Sun
  • Mary Goes Round - Mary Sleeps Alone
  • Plastique Noir - Incostancy
  • The Cure - A Short Term Effect
  • Cocteau Twins - But I'm Not 
  • The Delta Fiasco - Point Man
  • Frigid - No Control Inc.
  • Cinema Bizarre - Lovesongs (IAMX Remix)
  • Mesh - Is It So Hard?
  • Alex Metric - Head Straight
  • The Human League - The Lebanon
  • O.M.D. - Sister Mary Says
  • Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant
  • Pop Noir - In Like A Lion
  • The Bravery - Hatefuck
  • War Tapes - Mind Is Ugly
  • Customs - Rex
  • The Violets - Foreo
  • Interpol - C'mere
  • IAMX - Church Of England

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yeasayer are from NYC.
They are here with their new single 'Ambling Alp' from their forthcoming album 'Odd Blood'

Below, you can enjoy the very nice video of it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (24/11/2009)

Part 1
  • Datarock - The Blog
  • Therapy? - Screamager
  • Paradise Lost - Soul Courageous
  • Dubrovniks - Hernando's Hideaway
  • Me My Head - Night Is On Fire
  • Customs - Justine
  • Low vs. Diamond - Heart Attack
  • The Surrender - You And I
  • Paper Route - Carousel
Part 2
  • a-ha - Nothing Is Keeping You Here (UK Radio Edit)
  • Mesh - It's Gone
  • Ashbury Heights - Derrick Is A Strange Machine
  • Faith Assembly - Crash And Burn
  • 4TUNE8 - It Feels So Bad
  • Pop Eye - Fly Up
  • GAD. - These Little Things
Part 3
  • Magenta - Darkest Dream
  • Apoptygma Berzerk - Green Queen
  • Placebo - Ashtray Heart
  • Plushgun - How We Roll
  • The Attic - Easy Love
  • Moby - Mistake (Soundfly System & Rusty Egan Remix)
  • Pet Shop Boys - Flamboyant
Part 4
  •  She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
  • Bauhaus - The Sanity Assassin
  • The Chameleons - In Shreds
  • Sad Lovers And Giants - There Was No Time
  • The Cure - Do The Hansa
  • Joy Division - Isolation
  • Gary Numan - Cars
  • Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
  • Depeche Mode - It Doesn't Matter Two (Bynar's Piano Version)

ZeroLand - Season 2 / Episode 9 (The Greekz)

is a Radio Show that broadcasts all genres of electronic music, from all around the world

StrangeZero are selecting and presenting the music every Wednesday Night from 00:00 till 02:00

From this blog you can download the latest episode called "The Greekz" broadcasted on 18/11/2009. Its a random selection from Greek artists (not a best of)

Download ZEROLAND - Season 2/Episode 9

Visit every week for new episodes

Friday, November 20, 2009

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is here again. We all know her spectacular voice, but she also knows how to cover it with very nice sounds.

She will do a guest appearance with Peter, Bjorn & John tomorrow night Saturday 21st November at the Club Nokia venue, Los Angeles.

Here she covers 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow?' which has been recorded by many different artists and was ranked among Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at #125.

Heaven Can Wait

After a very nice acting performance in Antichrist she keeps surprising us.

Charlotte Gainsbourg sings 'Heaven Can Wait' with Beck in her forthcoming album 'IRM'. The album is produced by Beck and the first single 'Heaven Can Wait' will be released on December 7. Until then, you can watch the incredible video directed by Keith Schofield.

The Golden Filters

After a series of remixes for some of the most popular songs of the year and a series of live performances as the opening act for US tour of Presets, the duo is releasing the one single after the other.

The Golden Filter are Stephen and Penelope with influences like Ladytron, Sally Shapiro or Glass Candy. All these sounds are beautifully presented visually by MOOP JAW

Their second single is 'Thunderbird'

Their first single was 'Solid Gold'

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Patrick Wolf will be releasing Damaris as his next single on December 14th.

'[...] Patrick Wolf began to research who Damaris might be, and it came about that the wooden cross told a larger tale than anyone could have imagined. It is still unsure whether Damaris was a gypsy or a heathen, but she belonged outside of the Catholic church, who in 1880, held a very strict reign over romance and passion in such a small village. Damaris was most certainly not from the Catholic church, so when she fell in love with Lewis, the son of the Parish priest, she was denied of ever being united in marriage with him.

Patrick writes the song from the perspective of Lewis after discovering that Damaris has ‘died of a broken heart’, which, in the 19th Century was a polite term for either suicide, or a romantic notion that someone can be so heartbroken that they give up on life. The song is a musical iconisation of a true life Romeo and Juliet from Sussex. Two star-crossed lovers who were destined to be together, but were denied, due to the repression and sign of the times.'

The church organ on the song, played by Patrick and the drums by Marcello Vig were both recorded in 2008 on location in St. George’s Church.

B-sides in 'Damaris' single:
Peacock Skies
Damaris (St. George’s Church Acoustic Mix)
Queen Isabella (The She-Wolf of France)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (10/11/2009)

Part 1
  • stellastarr* - Prom Zombie
  • (We Are) Performance - Short Sharp Shock
  • Julian Casablancas - Out Of The Blue
  • Morrissey - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
  • The Mary Onettes - Century
  • Suede feat. Neil Tennant - Rent
  • Brett Anderson - The Hunted
  • Radiohead - Pearly
Part 2
  • Hearts Of Black Science - Gold & Dust
  • Pulp - Seconds
  • HURTS - Wonderful Life
  • Bynar - Heaven In My Sombre World (David Guetta vs. UNKLE vs. tenek)
  • Divide & Kreate - Sex Diary (Kings Of Leon vs. Yazoo)
  • Blank & Jones feat. Bernard Sumner - Miracle Cure (Genussmitel Mix)
Part 3
  • Mesh - Everything I Made
  • Muse - Map Of The Problematique
  • Zeromancer - Photographic
  • Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh
  • Dune - Heat
  • Lowline - Last Chance
  • Nine Inch Nails feat. Peter Murphy - Warm Leatherette
Part 4
  • Plastique Noir - Creep Show
  • The Cure - All I Want
  • Me My Head - Lights Too Bright
  • The Delta Fiasco - Paperhouse
  • Sleepercurve - Robots
  • Editors - Papillon (Acoustic)
  • Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind Of Love/Bela Lugosi's Dead (Live)
  • IAMX - Church Of England
  • Honeyroot - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Friday, November 6, 2009

Orally Roisin!!!

Brand New Roisin is out!!!
you can check it out and take a listen anywhere! Try her myspace profile maybe...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Young Again

Kasper Bjørke comes from the Copenhagen electronic scene.
After a decade as a producer and DJ, Kasper has just finished working on his second album 'Standing on top of Utopia', which is going to be released at the beginning of 2010.

The first single “Young Again” featuring the Danish indie singer Jacob Bellens just released, including remixes by Lopazz, WhoMadeWho and Serge Santiago

PS: This is an example of a very nice music video, that shows nature and colors in a different way. I'm just saying this because of the opinion I had for Mika's "rain video".

Stranger Than Kindness

Fever Ray has just announced the release of her double disc edition, which will contain the CD album plus the 2 cover versions the band performed live during their tour & a DVD featuring all the videos from the project so far and more exclusive never seen before video for Stranger Than Kindness!

Stranger Than Kindness is the fifth music video for Fever Ray project of Karin Dreijer Andersson.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (20/10/2009)

Part 1
  • Moke - Here Comes The Summer
  • Lowline - Last Chance
  • A Place To Bury Strangers - Keep Slipping Away
  • The Cure - The Baby Screams
  • Hot Hot Heat - Island Of The Honest Man
  • Kilians - Fight The Start
  • The Strokes - Electricityscape
  • Expatriate - Gotta Get Home
  • Kim Novak - Turn A Rabbit
 Part 2
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Ramona
  • Glasvegas - Geraldine
  • Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
  • Malcolm Middleton & Alan Bisset - The Rebel On His Own Tonight
  • Editors - Eat Raw Meet = Blood Drool
  • White Lies - From The Stars
  • The Exploding Boy - Heart Of Glass
 Part 3
  • Royksopp - This Must Be It
  • Annie - Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)
  • Lily Allen - Not Fair (Annie Nightingale & Far Too Loud Electro Mix)
  • Tiga - Beep Beep Beep (Dave Bascompe Radio Edit)
  • The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (09 EQ)
  • Orbital & Kirk Hammett - Satan
  • Bynar - Human Butter For Your Soul
 Part 4
  • Cruel Black Dove - Come On Over
  • Gary Numan - RIP
  • Rammstein - Hailfisch
  • The Human League - Blind Youth
  • Joy Division - Isolation
  • The Raveonettes - Black White
  • Cranes - Clear
  • Scarling - In The Pretend World


Donovan is a duo from Paris, FR.
Check out their latest EP, called 'Chord'.

1 - Chord
2 - Bang
3 - Emotronic [living hell edit]
4 - Ventura
5 - Yo!
6 - Shaft
7 - Bang [Dub]
+ Yo! remixed by: Blackstrobe, Dinamics, Acid Jacks, Mixhell

London Is Bangin

Disco Damage is an electric duo. They have worked alongside internationally renowned Artists and DJ's such as SAM SPARRO, ROBYN, VULA (Basement Jaxx), TAWIAH (Mark Ronson), PETER GELDERBLOM, EELKE KLEIJN, RYAN MOLLOY, ROXY WILDE, LOVE GRENADES and NATE JAMES. That's sounds promising for electronic pop scene.


Mika is also in a forest with some dancers, dressed in different colours, triangular installations in the background and of course we shouldn't forget the fireworks at the end.... He didn't even showed us some RAIN, which actually it's the title of this track...So for me there is no concept...BUT...maybe there is an explanation...

...'Rain' is the new European single from his latest album 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'. That's why the video of the track has to be close to the European aesthetics.

Do you want to watch the Japanese single for the track 'Blame it on the Girls'? You see? It's all about MARKETING!!!

Είναι κάτι αντίστοιχο με αυτό που αναφέρει ο πολυαγαπημένος 'Art Attack' στο σημερινό του POST

Who 'd have known...

I think it's the forth video out of 'It's not Me, It's You' album.
Lilly Allen is kidnapping Elton John to show him her love...
It's Fun...........

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Callas - Lipstick

The Callas + The Boy
Greece is indie indeed!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Fenech-Soler is a new entry from the UK.
Very fresh attitude surrounded by really nice electro-pop sounds and they have a lot of recommendations

"Electro-pop with new wave accents, soft male vocals and gorgeously melodic synths" (M8)

"English electro-pop wonderkids" (DJ Magazine)

"The future of white dancefloor-scorching electro-funk" (Time Out)

They offer for free downloading 'I Need Love'

Their new single 'Lies' will be out in November.

I Feel Cream

Peaches is here again...

The sixth video for 'I Feel Cream' is out with an announcement for her second tour in the US.
Check out her blog

by famous polish music video director Kinga Burza

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (13/10/2009)

Part 1
  • The Cure - Burn
  • Gary Numan - Dark
  • Siouxsie & The Banshees - Face To Face
  • The Cold - Summernight
  • Dragons - Trust
  • She Wants Revenge - Replacement
Part 2
  • stellastarr* - Freak Out
  • War Tapes - Mind Is Ugly
  • The Parisians - The Way You Got Me
  • Lowline - Gun In My Side
  • The Hundreds And Thousands - Parade
  • Your Vegas - Aurora
  • Dangerous Muse - Give Me Danger (Michael Skype Ssigler Mix)
  • The Neon Judgement - Awful Day
Part 3
  • Editors - Like Treasure
  • White Lies - From The Stars
  • Mono Inc. - Get Some Sleep
  • Paradise Lost - Soul Courageous
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Six Barrel Shotgun
  • Franz Ferdinand & Jane Birkin - A Song For Sorry Angel
  • Placebo - Fuck U
Part 4
  • Muse - Resistance
  • Queen - Princes Of The Universe
  • Rosetta Stone - Subterfuge
  • Theatre Of Tragedy - Deadland
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll
  • Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
  • Analog Angel - Why Do You Do
  • Secession - Sneakyville

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


October's first post is for Ladyhawke and for the fifth and final single from her self-titled debut album.

Magic will be officially remixed by Donnie Sloan, Classixx, Burns and by Australian band The Swiss

photo rights

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (29/9/2009)

Part 1
  • Jeremy Warmsley - Temptation
  • Sennen - Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Bad Lieutenant - Sink Or Swim
  • James - Not So Strong
  • The Smashing Pumpkins - Sweet Sweet
  • a-ha - Nothing Is Keeping You Here
  • stellastarr* - Sonja Cries
  • Archive - The Empty Bottle (Marius de Vries Radio Mix)
Part 2
  • The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars
  • The Cure - 2 Late
  • The Involved - Drain
  • Echo & The Bunnymen - Think I Need It Too
  • Sketches - Slow Start
  • Kaiser Chiefs - Time To Pretend
  • Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
  • Katsen - Where Nobody Can Find Us
Part 3
  • We Are Tokyo - XY
  • Kill Hannah - New York City Speed
  • Rammstein - Pussy
  • She Wants Revenge - Your Love
  • Oasis - Falling Down (The Prodigy Version)
  • Placebo - For What It's Worth (Mistabishi Remix)
  • Bynar - Fade To Mary Chain (Dune vs. Visage)
  • Bynar - A Prayer In The Forest (Bloc Party vs. The Cure)
Part 4
  • Editors - Bricks And Mortar
  • Muse - MK Ultra
  • 4TUNE8 - In A Distance
  • Perfidious Words - My Body's Needs
  • Client - In It For The Money
  • Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
  • Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Live)

Chairlift for Marc Jacobs

Do you remember Chairlift?
This Brooklyn based band is wearing MARC JACOBS
Ready-To-Wear FALL 09 collection for Saks.com in a series of videos

The Flaming Lips

This fall The Flaming Lips will release their new album 'Embryonic'

'I Can Be A Frog' is the first single in stores October 13th
featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs' singer Karen O for screams, yelps, and squiggles...

Here are some images taken during the video shoot for the track 'Watching The Planets'


mouth is a 'Hole To Feed'

A provoking video directed by Eric Wareheim
for 'Hole To Feed' the new single of Depeche Mode

This Must Be Royksopp

Click HERE to watch the brand new video for Royksopp's 'This Must Be It'
directed by Filip and Andreas Nilsson

Monday, September 28, 2009


Out of their last album 'Love 2'.....

.....the new Air video.....

.....will make you smile.

Chromeo Night by Night

New song out by Chromeo

You can download it free at GreenLabelSound.com

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Blow Waves rocked Europe!!!

WaveRadio.gr's darlinkas the "Blow Waves" are back home to Australia after their first euro tour!
Check out what happened in case you've missed them

can't wait to see you guys in Greece too!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sally Shapiro - Miracle

Sally Shapiro (BlueWorks' love) released a new single from her last album for the track 'Miracle'.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

download new candy bar (16/9)

CANDY BAR is back on http://www.waveradio.gr!
[wednesdays 20:00-22:00]
you can download this week's candy bar (16/9) >>


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (15/9/2009)

Part 1
  • Muse - Unnatural Selection
  • Pint Shot Riot - Not Thinking Straight
  • Hushpuppies - You're Gonna Say Yeah!
  • Remodel - Cognoscenti
  • The Brides - The Drawback
  • The Veronicas - Untouched
  • Sugar Crisis - We Are Here To Save You
  • Electrocute - Tales Of Ordinary Sadness
Part 2
  • Black Poets - Points Of Reason
  • Julian Plenti - Games For Days
  • stellastarr* - Numbers
  • War Tapes - Supposed Human
  • Dial M For Murder! - The Mourning Comes The Morning After
  • The Exploding Boy - London
  • The Orders - No Safe Place
  • The Hundreds And Thousands - Rat Race
Part 3
  • Editors - Papillon (Edit)
  • She Wants Revenge - Monologue (Josh Patrick Remix)
  • The Surrender - Devil Inside Me
  • Superfamily - The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night
  • White Lies - You Still Love Him
  • Decorate Decorate - Paper Cuts
  • Tiesto feat. Kele Okereke - It's Not The Things You Say
Part 4
  • Sex Education - Regret It All
  • Nine Inch Nails - Warm Leatherette
  • Suicide - Ghost Rider
  • Gary Numan - Listen To My Voice
  • Mesh - Shattered Glass
  • Perfidious Words - Feel Like Me
  • IAMX - Tear Garden
  • Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Unplugged)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis a 'punk' (as they claim) band from NYC released 'The Fountain Of Youth'.

The video is very similar with MGMT's videos, because they have the same director, Jordan Fish.


Kitsuné announcement:

The new track from BENI ‘Maximus’ is out now on Kitsuné, it marries a sparse bubble-groove that creeps up behind you and licks your ear with a very ‘purple’ vocal performance by Sam Sparro to devastating effect.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fever Ray - Seven

new Fever Ray single & video!
any comments? ...I thought so!!

Seven from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Friday, September 11, 2009


The first solo album by Etten is entitled "i know you 're behind me but i'm not scared, and it will be released on the 9th of November. It is produced by Coti k. and Mikael Delta.

cover by H.O.P.E. & Etten

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

download new candy bar (9/9)

CANDY BAR is back on http://www.waveradio.gr!
[wednesdays 20:00-22:00]
you can download this week's candy bar (9/9) >>


Bat For Lashes

Bat for Lashes released a special edition of the album 'Two Suns' on the 7th of September in the UK

The double CD and DVD includes a 48 minute documentary ‘Two + Two’, beautifully shot at varying locations across the world from the Joshua Tree desert and Big Sur in California, to the streets of New York and the Welsh countryside, offering an extraordinary insight into the making of Two Suns.

In addition to the full album track listing, the special edition will also contain eight bonus tracks, including the popular stripped back version of hit single ‘Daniel’, a reworking of The Cure’s ‘A Forest’ and Natasha’s poignant version of Kings Of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’.

Two Suns ‘Special Edition’ - Bonus Tracks:
1. Wilderness
2. Sleep Alone (909s In DarkTimes Mix)
3. Daniel (Lo Fi)
4. A Forest
5. Use Somebody
6. Good Love (Recorded live at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 19 April 2009)
7. Daniel (Recorded live on Radiohead tour at Nimes, 14 June 2008)
8. Lonely (Recorded live at Koko, 29 October 2007)

New La Roux Single

The third single for La Roux is for the track 'I'm not your toy'

With this strange cover

and this summer mood on the video.

directed by Alex and Liane

Annie - Songs Remind me of you...

Annie is back
with an amazing unofficial video!

Empire of the Sun - Without You

it's fresh and it's smooth

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (8/9/2009)

Part 1
  • Arctic Monkeys - Pretty Visitors
  • stellastarr* - Warchild
  • Division Kent - She's Going Places
  • Black Poets - Mistakes (Tom Ross Remix)
  • Juliette Lewis - Fantasy Bar
  • Cocteau Twins - In Our Angelhood
  • Miserylab - Making A Bomb
  • Blacklist - Poison For Tomorrow
Part 2
  • The Mary Onettes - Puzzles
  • a-ha - What There Is
  • Danish Daycare - A Purpose To My Sins
  • Bad Lieutenant - Sink Or Swim
  • Puressence - Raise Me To The Ground
  • The Glam - All The Universe
  • Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk
Part 3
  • Bynar - Reflection Of Puppets (Extended)
  • Muse - Uprising
  • Editors - Papillon (Tiesto Remix)
  • Placebo - Every You Every me (Mr Bronkz Remix)
  • The Discoboys feat. Midge Ure - The Voice (Radio Edit)
  • Mesh - Only Better (Alien6 Remix)
  • Legion Within - Someone's Speaking
Part 4
  • Dylan Rhymes - Don't Want You Anyway (Aquasky Remix)
  • Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (Pig & Dan Breaks Mix)
  • Sleepthief feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - The Chauffeur (Seize Puts On The Breaks)
  • Ror-Shak feat. Chantel Claret - A Forest
  • Masquer - The Hanging Garden
  • The Cure - Prayers For Rain

Momma's news

Last saturday Roisin Murphy performed live in London.
We could have a preview of some new songs. Here is 'Momma's Place'....ENJOY!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

download new candy bar (2/9)

CANDY BAR is back on http://www.waveradio.gr!

you can download this week's candy bar (2/9) >>


Tune in wednesdays 20:00-22:00(GMT+2) for a unique indie pop show. Hosted by Astrogirl.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Indie Disco Playlist (1/9/2009)

Part 1
  • The Dandy Warhols - It's A Fast Driving Rave-Up With The Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes
  • Archive - Men Like You
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain - Cracking Up
  • A Place To Bury Strangers - Keep Slipping Away
  • The Cure - The Baby Screams
  • Kasabian - Where Did All The Love Go?
  • Bloc Party - One More Chance
Part 2
  • Oasis - Acquiesce
  • The Enemy - Be Somebody
  • Bon Jovi - We Weren't Born To Follow
  • AFI - Medicate
  • Dune - Heat
  • The Perfects - End Of Us
  • The Kick - My Darkest Hour
  • stellastarr* - Numbers
Part 3
  • Black Tie Dynasty - I Like U
  • White Lies - E.S.T.
  • Skunk Anansie - Because Of You
  • Placebo - Post Blue (Chinese Whispers Remix)
  • The Exploding Boy - Desperados
  • Isolated Atoms - Tell Me What I Want
  • Vigo Thieves - Won't You Be Mine
  • Redtrack - Addicted To Lust
Part 4
  • Editors - Papillon
  • Clan Of Xymox - Emily
  • The Awakening - Upon The Water
  • Solemn Novena - Juliette
  • 4TUNE8 - Still Alive
  • Neuroticfish - I Don't Need The City
  • Bynar - The Beginning Of A Fine Day (Nine Inch Nails vs. Opus III vs. Deep Dish)
  • Das Kabinette - The Cabinet

Monday, August 31, 2009

Peaches - Take You On

She keeps producing videos for her new songs. It's a very nice way to promote every single track from her new album 'I Feel Cream'.
We start our new season with the track 'Take You On'. ENJOY!